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Double Sided Sterling Silver Aztec Calendar Pendant

Double Sided Sterling Silver Aztec Calendar Pendant

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From our Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection:

This beautiful pendant is a replica of the Aztec Indians Sun Calendar.   It depicts an image of the Sun God and some of the symbols used to calculate the seasons in ancient times.  These symbols are replicated on both sides of the piece. 

  • Metal:            .925 Sterling Silver with diamond cut finish. 
  • Back:               Replica of the front.  
  • Weight:           25 Grams. 
  • Dimensions:  2X2 inches.
Sterling Silver chain included.

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    Care:  Avoid extreme temperatures and humidity.  Store in air tight bag when not wearing. Store alone to avoid scratches by other jewelry.  Do not shower while wearing or allow contact with any harsh chemicals, perfumes or colognes.